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Many pet and animal owners/caretakers take great care to keep up with their animals’ routines, vet checkups, vaccinations and so on. Unfortunately, few consider an aspect even more important – what they are feeding them. Animals today are getting the same lifestyle diseases as us – obesity, diabetes, kidney issues, heart disease, cancer and so on. If anything, the fact that the animals we care for also are getting these diseases should serve as a sign to us that these diseases are not genetic, they are due to lifestyle – inappropriate food, lack of exercise, environmental toxins, stress etc.
The pet foods available commercially, sold at supermarkets, even at pet stores, tend to include the same inappropriate ingredients that make us sick – grains, dairy, synthetic additives, sugars and other toxins. It is no wonder that they get sick.
To make sure you are giving the animals appropriate food, go back to basics – find out what their species specific food needs are.
Here’s a good article on the subject to get started.